Drawn by the Wild | About
Welcome to Drawn by the Wild. My name is Brian Staniszewski, and my love of the outdoors is the inspiration behind my images. As a child, I wondered about the natural world around me - what was around the bend in the river or where that trail led to. Today, I am continually drawn by the wild, those places off the beaten path where you can escape from the everyday. My photography allows me to capture the beauty I see and hopefully bring me back to where I have been. When you look through a lens, you not only see the world from a different perspective, but it also forces you to slow down and absorb your surroundings. You see and hear things you would have otherwise passed up and never known. By doing this, you uncover the visual treasures that exist before you. These treasures have already been created, as if drawn by the wild, and you just have to spend some time to uncover them.

(All of the wildlife images on this website are of wild animals in their natural habitat. None are from animal parks or zoos. Also, none of the photographs have been altered to include something that wasn't there.)